Castle Dangerous provides bagpipe music for weddings and other occasions in New Jersey (NJ)

Bagpipe music for weddings, festivals, parades, events, and solemn occasions

Castle Dangerous provides music on the Great Highland Bagpipes in the Mid-Atlantic region, including New Jersey (NJ), Pennsylvania (PA), Delaware (DE), New York (NY), and Connecticut (CT). Will also travel to more distant locales to meet your needs. Now available in Atlantic City and surrounding areas. We can arrange for bag pipers and Celtic bagpipe music to suit your wedding or other occasion.

pipers bagpipes in NJ and PA for weddings

Wedding Piper
A piper for your wedding day can add to the beauty, grandeur, and excitement. And you don't have to be Scottish or Irish to add this special touch to your wedding! Specializing in weddings at the shore!

Piper for Solemn Occasions
The pipes are perfect for honoring the memory of a loved one at a funeral or memorial service. In additon to Amazing Grace and other moving melodies, Taps is also available for military funerals.

Piper for Special Events
The bagpipes can help promote your parade or event. Who can avoid stopping for a grand opening when you have a piper to slow them down?

Party Piper
Surprise guests by having a piper play at your party or barbecue. How better to celebrate that big birthday, promotion, or graduation?




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